Only in Martinique – the – White-breasted Thrasher, Ramphocinclus brachyurus


During a random tour of the Martinique last December, we were walking back from the Chateau Dubuc when I heard a foraging noise coming from the forest to the left of the little path that takes from the castle to the parking. I froze – what could it be? I peeked into the dense undergrowth and saw nothing. Then, another shuffling noise and there it was: a little brown bird, exactly the same colour as the mulch, with a bright white breast. I didn’t recognise it for what it was but I thought I remembered it from one of the many information plaques that have been put around the island (very good job, by the way). So there I was, crawling forward on my knees with my camera in my hands and both my eyes open to check where the bird went when it moved out of the camera viewer. There were two birds, but I think I only photographed one of them (I think).
In any case, later when I was back at the hotel I checked it out and… eureka! I had seen and photographed a White-breasted Thrasher, a very rare little bird that can be found on St. Lucia (between 1,100 and 2,400 individuals) and Martinique (about 200 individuals). I’m very happy to have seen it and even happier to have managed to take a few photos, even though they’re barely decent! Still: YAY!







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