The cuteness of Pink Fairy Armadillos


….that there’s a teeny tiny species of armadillo that’s called the

pink fairy armadillo?


Its scientific name is Chlamyphorus truncatus

Its length is around 100 mm

It’s nocturnal, lives mainly in burrows and probably eats insects

It lives in Argentina’s deserts

It’s classified as Data Deficient which means “We’re not quite sure”

It hasn’t done well in captivity. That’s why we know..not much. Those rare times when someone tried to keep one (they never last more than…8 days!) (except in very very few cases, in carefully controlled conditions. One managed to survive for 8 months.)

It’s pink because the blood vessels show through the thin, semi-detached armour on its back (which might be used for thermoregulation)

It is seriously cute. And magical. Don’t you agree?

Photo by Mariella Superina/Paul Vogt

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