I found a website for ideas. Ideas that have been thought of but that haven’t been transformed into reality yet. This seems like one of the best….especially for people who care about the environment, like us. Will you vote? I did.

A dead fish in Portugal

Ho trovato un sito per…idee. Idee pensate, ancora da trasformare in realtà. Questa mi è sembrata una delle più interessanti, specialmente per persone come noi che amano l’ambiente. Votate? Io l’ho fatto.

About marghe24

I am a Naturalist and an Ethologist, a painter, an amateur photographer, a harpist, a reader, a writer... I love many things (can you love too much?) but some of my favourite things are the fruit of the Morus alba tree, "Life of PI", carnivores, tortoises and nudibranchs.

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